BBC Radio Nottingham Talk To Footfalls & Heartbeats About Smart Fabrics

BBC Radio Nottingham interviewed Simon McMaster, Founder of Footfalls & Heartbeats, to find out more about how smart fabric is being developed to help people.

Simon says his aim is to use science to make everyone’s life better, not just those with money. He says, “Smart fabric is something that contains some sort of sensor that allows you to measure the environmental stuff around you and/or the vital science from your body, such as heart rate and respiration. Our aim is to develop smart fabrics that will help prevent injuries and health problems, which will minimise the number of people needing to go to hospital."

Simon talks about what inspired him to set up Footfalls & Heartbeats and mentions some of the projects the team is working on.

Simon’s interview is available online, via the BBC, until the end of June 2017 (it is 1:14 minutes into the programme).