Original Thought


As a company founder I wanted to write about  an amazing example of creating and using original thought. Yesterday I attended a symposium on “Advanced Textiles for Healthcare and Wellbeing” at the Royal College of Art  In London as my colleague Dr. Fern  Kelly was presenting our technology. 

Put simply it was one of the most inspiring days of my life. Not only was my colleague amazing, erudite and compelling all the other presentations showed how textiles can be used to promote health and wellbeing in interesting and challenging ways. In particular the presence of “original thought” in this room of talented individuals was extraordinary. The leadership shown by the academics at the RCA is exemplary. They have created an atmosphere where failure and knowledge go hand in hand. This empowers the students to be brave and follow their fields of interest with courage, conviction and a quite breath-taking level of originality.

The exacting environment created by Anne Toomey, Marie O’Mahony and their colleagues is world-class. “Original thought” is paramount to innovation and inspiration. The approach by the postgraduate students to complex health issues was both intuitive and disruptive. Intuitive in using textiles as the substrate to interact with, and disruptive in creating a use for clothing and fabric that subverts the normal pretext of clothing as protection.

Thank you all for the inspiration, enlightenment and intellectual rigour. The future of smart textiles is in good hands and really smart brains.