The Power of Women

The Power of Women – A Founder’s Perspective

Footfalls and Heartbeats (UK) Limited has grown our team over the last 18 months and as Founder (and a really old git) I wanted to share my thoughts about the influence of women on our company and our workplace.

This piece is primarily written as a heartfelt thank you to the three women below. As Footfalls has expanded the humanity, “brains”, compassion, rigour and influence of these three has been nothing short of extraordinary.

Sue, as we grew the company in the UK was always there to assist me practically and emotionally. Her organisational skills and calming words on many occasions provided a solid foundation on which to build Footfalls.

Fern has become my “right-hand” person if I need to be that PC. The woman is a marvel, smart, funny, studious and willing to assist and direct in all circumstances. Her analytical mind serves as a great counter to my sometimes “scattered” brain. The clients we interact with have all noticed Fern’s influence.

And finally to Tegan, who worked as an intern over the summer months. Tegan, whilst being Australian (not necessarily her fault) is possibly one of the most extraordinary people I have met. Exceptionally smart, compassionate and talented, Tegan turned her hand to sewing samples as well as explaining complex mathematical problems to the village idiot (me).

None of these short bios does any justice to these women, however I hope in some way it allows recognition of your influence on how we continue to grow and operate as a company. I will forever be in your debt for contributing such honesty, integrity and practical advice. As a Founder I would like to unequivocally state that Footfalls is a much better company for the presence and influence of such talented individuals. If only one point is taken from this short piece, it is teams need to be diverse, talented, compassionate and focussed and women add all those qualities and many more intangible gifts to all of the most successful organisations.

I am forever in your debt.

Simon McMaster