Intellectual Property

Footfalls & Heartbeats’ process for manufacturing smart fabric, using nano-scale interactions within the textile structure, currently has 12 patent applications pending. These applications are being sought in Australia, Canada, Europe, Japan, Republic of Korea, New Zealand, Russian Federation and the USA. Footfalls and Heartbeats has an ongoing policy of protecting its intellectual property at home and abroad.

Footfalls uses a strong culture of ongoing innovation in conjunction with our excellent research partners such as the Applied Optics Group (AOP) at The University of Nottingham. The Advanced Optics Research Group is the largest research group in the Faculty of Engineering with 16 academics and three Research Council funded Fellows. This culture of innovation has already lead to two further provisional patents being filed in the field of smart textiles. Footfalls and UoN wish to license all joint future smart textile innovation into a “vehicle” which will allow both parties to benefit from the commercial opportunities of this innovative IP.

Footfalls’ current IP portfolio has lead to commercial collaborations with several international organisations where the integration of this technology is being tested in both consumer and healthcare applications.