“The Textile is the Sensor”



A Textile Sensing Solution Platform

Footfalls & Heartbeats have developed a revolutionary manufacturing process that allows the control and manipulation of both yarn-to-yarn interaction and the movement of micro-mechanical structures that form the basics of knitted fabrics.




Footfalls & Heartbeats was founded by New Zealand chemist Simon McMaster who brings many years’ experience researching intelligent textiles.


The Footfalls & Heartbeats technology combines mathematically determined textile structures using electrically conductive yarn to form a repeatable and sensitive sensor network.



Discover the large range of markets in which our textile sensing technologies can be applied.




Footfalls & Heartbeats are developing business relationships with a number of corporate customers around the world.



Meet our fantastic multidisciplinary core team and board of directors.



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Footfalls & Heartbeats are actively seeking funding, research and commercial partnerships globally



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